The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

The Gift of The Six Kowtows


A Present from Blessed Mother Mary to Humanity

432 pages

Sáu Lạy Kính Dâng Chúa Giêsu Thánh Thể

100 pages

Kinh Nguyện Sáu Lạy kính dâng Chúa Giêsu Thánh Thể

144 pages

The Six Kowtows Reverently Offered to the Eucharistic Jesus


192 pages

Ang Anim na Kowtows

Magalang na iniaalay

sa Eukaristikanong Hesus

176 pages

Las Seis Kowtows


Ofrecido a

Jesús Eucarístico

192 pages

Los Seis Kowtows Reverently


a Jesus


208 pages


Sáu Lạy

Kính Dâng


Chúa Cha

-Quyển I-

240 trang

Sắp in

The Six Kowtows Reverently Offered to the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

256 pages -  Coming soon




- BOOK I -



304 pages coming soon

The Six Kowtows

Reverently Offered to Blessed Mother Mary


256 pages - coming soon

Messages for the World 


the Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Divine Mercy Chaplet 

Intentions Revealed for

the Divine Mercy Chaplet


On Friday, September 13, 1935, God revealed to humanity the great Chaplet of The Divine Mercy* through St. Faustina. Almost a hundred years later, we have never needed mercy more. Few would question that at this point. There is a definite connection between the messages given to St. Faustina and those given to Lucia Phan: they both center on God’s mercy, the reconciliation of man with God. A few points of convergence make the connection clearer: both messengers are very uneducated, each stopping formal education after the third grade. St. Faustina, like Lucia Phan, was very devoted to the Eucharist, her full religious name being “Sister Maria Faustina of the Most Blessed Sacrament” (she chose the latter part). Both messengers also come from poor families and were disbelieved by many. St. Faustina has given several messages to Lucia Phan over the years in which it is clear that the two have a very similar mission of mercy. One can go as far as to say that the messages given to Lucia Phan are an extension of those given to St. Faustina.


Whereas the Divine Mercy Chaplet was given to St. Faustina, The Six Kowtows are given as heaven’s other highway to Divine Mercy through Lucia Phan. There is no conflict, though; both prayers are very powerful – The Six Kowtows are certainly not intended to supersede the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The two private revelations are not in competition, but, rather, are very complimentary. Lucia and the other Disciples of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ try to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every single day.


Early in the locutions given through Lucia Phan (circa 2012 or 2013), heaven gave humanity intentions to enhance our praying of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. Here they are:


1. O Heart of Jesus Christ, who are the King of love, please rule over our souls, and lead us in Your salvation.


2. O Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, please bring us and all of humanity back to Your love.


3. O Lord Jesus Christ, may Your Heart rule over the entire world.


4. O Most Holy Heart of Jesus Christ, please forgive and transform us and all of humanity.


5. O Heart of God the Father, please bring humanity back to Your love.


These intentions help us to flesh out this amazing, most popular prayer, and give it additional meaning and life. Employ heaven’s intentions for the five decades of the chaplet. Heaven will be pleased!




* “The” is officially capitalized to denote that “The Divine Mercy” refers to Jesus Himself, who is the very personification of Divine Mercy, which is “the greatest attribute of God,” as revealed to St. Faustina (Diary, 300). 

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