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The Six Kowtows Reverently Offered to the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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The Six Kowtows

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Exulted! Christus triumphavit

Alleluia! Christ triumphs


Christus Vincit - Christ Conquers

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Christus Imperat - Christ Commands

Message of February 24, 2020
It Was Time for Heaven to Take Action
This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows.
O God, it is 11:33 a.m. – we are kneeling in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
Today is Monday, it has been nearly a month since we came back and we recalled all that God has done on the trip.
Before the trip, we had many reflections and ponderings, but we were called to go and we did – then we came back and rejoiced with the success that God made possible during our 10-day trip to the Philippines.
There were many events that happened along the way, but in the end God is the Supreme Being who always protects, guards, and brings us home safe and sound.
When we got home, we heard extremely frightening news that we were completely unaware of during the trip.
It was the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic.
Indeed, we thought that was simply an ordinary epidemic like many others.
On the trip back to the United States, we actually had close contact with many people during the plane changes.
There were many things we were unaware of at the beginning of the epidemic, but we came home safely.
The days on the trip were truly tiring.
Over the course of a month, we overcame everything that happened since we came back.
We remain steadfast in the word of God, and when we receive the messages, they are more important, more valuable, more in-depth, through the gift of The Six Kowtows.
Our mission is to bring The Six Kowtows to the world.
In the Philippines, we handed the books of The Six Kowtows to the priests, to the bishop, and to the Cardinal, which is something we never thought could happen.
There have been wonderful stories that happened on the coast of Cebu, where nearly three million people attended a major celebration this year in the Philippines, at a basilica that we visited for the first time.
It was the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu.
In the days of this major celebration we went to other churches and witnessed the strong and great faith of the Filipinos.
They have lived in faith.
Though life had hardships and ordeals in all classes, we saw their steadfast and faithful heart, their depth, their zeal.
We felt how God's grace has been poured down to save the souls who perished at sea long ago, and how God delivered them with the light of the Divine Mercy through the sacraments He allowed.
Moreover, God also let us see what is happening, which was also a preparation for the Philippines, a country in which 80% of the population believes in God.
That is not a small number in the world today.
Certainly God has preserved and protected them, but in every age there are people who rebel with change and betrayal.
Unfortunately and regrettably, we know about the President of the Philippines.
We have heard how he mercilessly dealt with people who were related to drugs.
Indeed, many people see how his way of speaking and his life show a lack of respect to the Pope as well as to all the other leaders.
He has certain ways and lacks the true prowess of a wise and learned person to be in the presidential chair to represent a country.
Certainly God knows everything, but since the people willingly chose their president, they must pay a price with that choice.
Just like eight years ago, when the United States chose President Barack Obama, a president who ordered that religious symbols be either covered up or removed in the schools before his visited.
There were many inside stories but they were unclear.
On the contrary, these stories today are unraveled through the current President Donald Trump.
All these issues have a history that is unnatural.
Today, through the horrific epidemic, everyone can see the true face and the innate wickedness of the atheistic communist rulers.
That is China and even our birth country Vietnam with leaders who follow the path of atheistic communism.
In selfishness, they keep for themselves everything created and want to control or use all means to defeat others, so they always contrive extremely toxic weapons.
They think they will manipulate according to their expectations, but ultimately they do not know what they have done and the price they must pay.
No matter how hardened people are, how obstinate, they still have a heart when they witness the painful death and grief of the deceased or their fellow citizens living in agonizing days with death.
All their deliberate or unintentional acts have brought fear to the world with the epidemic of the coronavirus, called COVID-19, which originated from the Wuhan biological weapon lab. 
Today there are stories kept secret that no one can know, because that is the work of the secret service intelligence.
Nonetheless nothing can be hidden, because their hearts will be tormented with the days when they realize that they have sold out their consciences to serve a cruel regime under which they have witnessed crimes.
They have heard the screams and the cries of the souls of the victims.
Even their loved ones are destroyed by those poisonous biological weapons.
For this reason, a human being will not be able to conceal and keep a secret, even if it is a national secret.
Today the answer is clear – there is no cure for this epidemic at the moment.
Most people who are infected will die since this is related to a frightening and horrifying weapon that was plotted to dominate other countries.
People have the freedom in their wisdom to achieve things from what was granted from above, but justice is essential with what cannot be specified in mankind, in righteousness, truth, and integrity.
The world continues to act in wickedness, from the power that one gains, but ultimately the end and the conclusion depend on God who is the Sovereign.
If God does not allow then mankind cannot do anything.
When wickedness affects the law of justice, God will never look away.
God is the Sovereign.
God is also the Supreme Being who gives us the opportunity to recognize Him, especially in this century, a century in which mankind is free to choose, but righteousness and justice are still the sole and unique doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Today people continue to fight for their rights, people continue to indulge with all that is in human wisdom, but today's Readings say that human wisdom according to heaven is something we need to think for ourselves – God grants us the wisdom of heaven that is gentleness, peace, a humble life, with harmony, respect, and love.
We think we are wise to repel God, so the answer is still in the wild like today. Today is a civilized world, people are able to understand and to know what they are encountering – what is right and wrong, what is true and false, and what is from a communistic, atheistic policy that has caused trouble and injury to the entire world with the COVID-19 epidemic.
What mankind has created, mankind cannot recover and cannot control, because mankind only has one direction: conceit and arrogance.
That arrogance has fallen into a state of chaos and there is no way to cure this arrogance, because it has been excessive – it has reached an extremely detrimental gravity, it has looked for ways to destroy the evidence by burning people alive, by spreading deadly diseases, by cornering people, by oppressing people, and finally by isolating them.
Wuhan was a prosperous city with bustling ​​commercial economies, with masses of people doing business that had wickedness mixed in, manipulation, the use of one's power, the use of dishonest means to continue to do what was planned.
Then Wuhan became a graveyard, with screams and cries, and Wuhan ended up with the epidemic, with infected people depressed and panicked.
There were crematoriums to cremate bodies 24/7 in Wuhan, with other mobile crematoriums to help with the cremation of dead bodies.
In every century there are specific characteristics.
In World War I, we saw the destruction from conventional weapons.
In World War II, there were Nazi poison gas and crematoriums in Germany, with horrific bombings and suicide pilots.
And the Third World War will be with biological weapons, chemicals, and insects.
God has given us so many opportunities to know what is to come, and God has also granted the Divine Mercy to help us on the path of amendment.
God uses all aspects to help the return of mankind, but we choose for ourselves.
We continue to hate each other, fight with each other, have battles of wits, compete for power, and want to dominate the entire world using deceitful and malicious ways, which are being uncovered.
The schemes are to control mankind, to usurp God's rights, to create biological weapons to control the brain that God created and gave wisdom to.
The use of those weapons is to manipulate people's brains for them to adhere to the atheistic communist policy.
Especially in China, the authorities have always used the cruelest ways, the poisons, the most toxic weapons over the citizens they ruled, which included the Xinjiang people, the Uyghurs, the Tibetans, to over one million Falun Gong members.
We have seen the inhumanity and cruelty of people who usurp God's rights.
They did not stop at that point, but even threatened and sought to kill priests – they burned down churches, destroyed the crosses, modified the Ten Commandments of the Lord, forced the citizens to follow the atheistic policy of the Chinese Communist Party and worship the president of the Party.
In the churches when people attend Mass, the authorities leave the cross for everyone in the world to see, but they force the parishioners to sing the National Anthem before Mass.
Children up to the age of 18 are forbidden to attend catechism classes.
This is a horrifying policy with a plot and many grave offenses to God.
Indeed, this policy is not recent, but has been practiced for a long time through the ages.
God is still the merciful Supreme Being.
God sees and knows about those oppositions, betrayals, and rebellions, but God always gives people time and opportunity.
God always gives people the opportunity to continue, to receive things in truth and in justice, because the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus, His Son, has an infinite value.
Unfortunately, mankind has fully chosen the path of wisdom based on what is in real life, which is controlled by the devil, due to ambition, aspiration, and things we heard this morning in the First Reading.
Certain people have completely acted against the doctrine for the sake of their positions, to manipulate everything from their power.
So we need to listen to the teachings:
The First Reading: James 3:13-18
Responsorial: Psalm 19:8,9,10,15
Gospel: Mark 9:14-29
These are the basic teachings God has granted through His doctrine.
Mankind is deceitful.
In regard to the leaders or presidents who do not walk in righteousness, there are many abuses and crimes.
On the surface, these people seem ethical and fair, but inside they are indeed cruel, abusive, and exploit the poor, commit wrongdoings, manipulate with power and authority.
Today let us go straight to the point.
Indeed, three years ago China was very prosperous – they had enough status and money to bribe all other countries.
They used money to bribe, because they have stolen and were deceitful in all aspects.
They have traveled into each nation to collect what is the best from the initiative granted by God, for every nation, every human being, every class, to have an ability and a forte of their own.
China has allowed its citizens as well as its spies to go all over the world to learn and bring all the knowledge stolen from others back to their home country.
In the course of what we have seen, it became a country that totally supplied the necessities all over the world at such bargain price so as to crush their opponents unrighteously.
Of all people in this world, who does not want what is cheap? Because of that unfair trade, today, unknowingly as well as intentionally, the world has helped China become a very wealthy country.
From that wealth, evil intentions started to grow along with the ambition to expand, and that ambition became a dream to be the country that manipulates everything, in the person chosen by China to become their leader and president.
Ultimately that ambition erred from the doctrine and the truth.
Those people even usurp God's right through the religious beliefs by placing themselves in the place of God to transform believers in God into believers in the Communist Party.
Truly foolish and arrogant people who are completely ignorant, who are neither learned nor understood the doctrine.
Nonetheless, they reigned over the years.
It is not yet the time to put an end to all the human motives in wisdom, so God still allows them to be free, to be conceited, to be foolish in an arrogant way.
As God said, He will abase the proud, the foolish. The rich who do not walk in His way. He will bring them down, and those who walk in righteousness will take their place. He will lift the ordinary people.
Surely we know what has been and is today with what lies ahead.
We have known roughly about what happened in the past, but when we delve deeper then history is even more horrible and repulsive.
How pitiful for a country we know as China, with over a billion people, yet very few know God.
Because the missionaries who arrived there are either killed or arrested – even the priests find it extremely difficult to survive and continue in their role of preaching the Gospel.
Though churches were built for the entire world to see, there are also people who live in lies, as people rumored: becoming a state priest.
We heard that the bishop was evicted, becoming a homeless person.
The bishop's office as well as the churches were raided, burned down, closed – and there are many horrors committed by a regime to destroy everything in the religious life of others; in particular, Christians and Catholics will be annihilated in China.
That place has become the lair and the gathering spot for the horrifying evil spirits located there.
We have heard of the red dragon in the Book of Revelation.
Where did the red dragon appear from, and what do we know of the red dragon? Today the red dragon is in a country where it is raging, causing the entire world to suffer with the epidemic.
It has hidden itself in the body of a human being in the present time.
Everything that is a plan in the world of mankind – certainly, God lets it freely rage within the time allowed.
This is also a time when God lets us see that He chooses those who belong to Him.
That purification gives us the opportunity to see what we have done wrong and the direction that is not God's way.
This is also an opportunity for us to see the merciful Supreme Being, rich in Divine Mercy, the God of Wisdom who enables us to see the truth of our choice regarding the path to take.
We see a country, with over a billion people, a very wealthy country.
Four years ago it could provide everything to the world.
Today with the epidemic, it is also the second wealthiest country to provide everything in the world with actual necessities.
However, this epidemic has maybe affected up to a million people.
A great number of people are dying – it seems that those who are alive have been infected, and there are those who are still living in isolation.
If this situation does not stop at a certain point, then we truly lose everything.
Workers and traders of all nations are in need of supplies.
We see these are matters that existed and are happening.
Today that is what we see when mankind does not choose the path of truth, relying on everything that is innate – so, once lost, then what is the path for us to continue on? That is regarding the economic aspect in society, but spiritually speaking, it is so that our eyes of faith can see clearly, to remind each person that we support the freedom to abortion, the freedom to homosexuality, the freedom to indulge with what we have.
There are certain things we can achieve, but we do not want to.
People go on cruises, but we see the epidemic affects people whether they are on land or at sea, living all over the world.
This is not an event that is a coincidence.
God allows us to see what we depend on in the human world.
We lived in an age when we have placed God aside, we despised what was spiritual, we have let faith fade and die.
In the age of civilization, we have let reality control all aspects, from military to social to political.
We do not believe in the evidence of the truth, we do not look back to the Lord Jesus Christ of 2,000 years ago, which was not a fictional story, not an abstract story, not a dream, not an ancient story that has been erased.
He is God, who has brought us a doctrine that He has practiced Himself.
That story is true.
Now He is still present and still with us through that true story, to remind us of the existing doctrine of the truth, for us to choose the path God has taken, to recognize what belongs to the call of righteousness and justice, for us to be protected in His way, to prevent all the weaknesses that have ensnared us right from the beginning through the betrayal in which our first parents listened to the voice, the instigation of the devil, which caused them to fall into betrayal.
But God is the Lord who loves and creates us – He does not give up on what He created.
God gives us the opportunity through the Lord Jesus Christ, with a doctrine to conquer us through every age.
If we rely on that just doctrine, we will not end up with stories like today.
Unfortunately there are those who aspire, who are ambitious, who walk the arrogant and proud path.
Today we live in a state of freedom, we have the right to choose, but God always gives us wonderful graces to help us along the way and to have the eyes of faith to see His presence.
What He gives us is from the heart, from the works, from the truth.
He needs us to act contrary to the demands of a human being regarding necessities, but we are impassioned, lustful, greedy.
There are many things that are clearly recorded in the Reading of St. James this morning, because we start out as humble and ordinary, but we have gone astray, and slowly foster aspirations.
Today's leaders nurture ambition, greed, selfishness, and self-indulgence.
Finally they want to expand and dominate, not only in their own country, but they aspire to dominate the entire world, usurping God's right, in wickedness and unrighteousness.
Today the price must be paid by these foolish and conceited people.
Even us – we err, we collaborate and indulge according to what is needed for the necessities in our personal life or the life of lust.
Even in the life with ministry we are not sincere.
There are those who have fallen into the path of bribery by those who usurp God's right, who use money to buy them off, who use unrighteous plots to live in deceit, and they have spread everywhere.
Everyone considers it rational, logical, and ultimately the rationality and logic of mankind is the annihilation of the righteous life and of the faith of the whole world.
O Lord God Almighty, we read the story of St. James, the story of Jesus healing the person who lived a miserable life, possessed by the devil.
God is reprimanding because mankind has no faith – even the holy apostles who represent us in the Church today. 
Each one of us must have an absolute faith, so that from that faith we sow the seed, and help others unite as an unshakable stronghold.
If we truly have faith, mutually support each other, live in God's way, then we cannot be blemished and allow falsehood to defeat us.
There are times when we are confused between good and evil, right and wrong, and our greed and selfishness remain, with ambition and weakness, so we end up in the situation like today.
Today the word of God is like a knife to slash all that is in our life.
There are the moments when we are diligent, but also the moments when our spirit is languishing.
There are times when we are not clear about the light, and there are times when we are feeding the darkness.
So we must have the Gospel, we must have the doctrine that God has given us to practice in life – through each person, each role, each class.
Everything that is happening is like a lesson that the Gospel is reminding.
God is still alive to give us His word, to remind us of what we have forgotten and are too familiar with, lacking the motivation to do what must be done in life.
What mankind has chosen in evil then today has the answer.
O God, it is time.
We no longer have vague days.
We see ourselves being threatened, and we fear for our life, for our spiritual life.
We are nothing, we do not have any ministry, but we know that in today's life, our peace and happiness come from having God, being with God.
The peace and happiness is God, through His Word, being with Him, receiving the teachings for us to overcome the daily difficulties in life that each family, each person, each class must have and face in their own life.
At this moment, between men, among fellow human beings, we also feel grief, pain, and bitterness – we feel something in our conscience and heart when we see people who do not know God, who died from the epidemic, with screams and cries.
Among them are the innocents, the victims, and sinners like us.
They seek the path of repentance.
There are also unrepentant sinners, but in our human condition we have compassion for each other.
It is because of love that God created us to see all that is in goodness and rejoice, to feel sad when we face painful situations.
That is the feeling, but in this world there are certain people who sell out their souls, their hearts, and what is from the truth to the devil.
They cannot feel when they see people writhing in death, because they are the ones who cause that death.
They use a normal person to test drugs that make people become crazy, become stupid, become dazed, for them to control in their program.
This is a terrifying, horrifying, and repulsive way that only those who belong to Satan can use to deal with human beings.
Our God taught us to act in righteousness, to eliminate all evil, to truly understand that deceit will be the path of death for those who practice it now and in the past.
If we truly understand that, then there is no opportunity for us to fall into this situation.
Unfortunately and regrettably, wickedness is worsening and it is increasing.
When people are evil, they become bloodthirsty and they kill mercilessly.
As for the cruel methods that people consider to be political matters, national defense matters, matters between men, looking for all means to kill and fight with each other, without feelings before the sufferings, deaths, and griefs of others.
Such a pity for the citizens, the innocents.
Such a pity for the countries that fall into the situation with cruel leaders, leaders of an atheistic communist regime, leaders with innate selfishness, retaining their positions, and sacrificing the citizens who must suffer because of their leaders' actions.
But these leaders do not stop – they use their evil power to achieve their goals, ruthlessly.
Indeed, the world needs to look at this truth, for us to recognize that if we choose the evil path, then evil will destroy us.
Evil will not hold back because evil has no love, but our God has love.
Our God died for us.
He has the right to forgive us.
Today this event happened for many reasons.
Let us awaken – all classes and all roles, no matter who, without exception – we see the present situation happening to others; tomorrow it will surely come to us.
Everyone must pass through this path of purification.
God has reminded us of the Alpha and the Omega.
There was a beginning so there will be an end.
This was mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
God will return, but before God returns, God will purify the entire world.
We are in the days of the purification.
Let us look back – what God wants is for us to return to the Gospel, for the Gospel to be alive in our life.
The times we heard about His Divine Mercy: countless miracles have occurred.
Only with faith can we see miracles. Only with faith can we receive miracles. Only with faith can we receive the extraordinary things that God has granted and bestowed upon us and the entire world, for us to awaken and return.
No one can be talented, no one can be wise.
With the wisdom of the world, we see the crimes committed against others.
The wisdom of the world is nothing but to lift us up to bring down others.
The human wisdom has led to ambition, to the tragic harm to the world today.
We know that God's wisdom is gentleness – God's wisdom brings us harmony, happiness, peace, hope.
While ordinary, these simple teachings have become the ruling in God's way.
There are people who have stepped up to become presidents or leaders, who will walk in God's way, and those people are the righteous people that God is expecting in every generation and every country.
It is very clear today with the situation we are in, for us to repent in this urgent time, for us to call on the Name of God to receive the support, even though we do have the Church, the parishes, the brothers.
But in the face of this unexpected, great event, with all the people quarantined in Wuhan, quarantined in all the hospitals, quarantined because of the epidemic, what do we do? 
Are we afraid, are we writhing with pain? 
We cannot solve the problem, so let us turn to God, which is what everyone in the world must think carefully about, because this is for the world in general – the days Jesus wants us to enter the purification.
In these end times, with mankind reaching the top of civilization, of ingenuity, of sophistication, our souls have been lost.
This is the time when God is saving us and giving us the opportunity to return.
Let us not be unreasonable, because when we exceed a certain level, there is no longer the possibility for us to be healed.
Today there are cries, there are screams, there are fears, for us to be able to look back to recognize that what we have is God's blessing, to look back on what we need, because when death is near, what else do we have to worry about the future, what else do we have to keep for ourselves?
Wealth, money – can we bring it with us? Can we indulge when the world is in a tense situation like today? We have money, but if we are infected, can we satisfy what we want or will money just be paper to be burned? We know there are rich people in Wuhan, there are also millionaires, there are people with knowledge, there are people who live luxuriously and comfortably, but if infected by the epidemic they would have completely lost everything.
The epidemic has not come to us yet, but that day will come. If not this epidemic then it will be another one.
Let us be awake at this moment.
All the possessions of the world will become fleeting.
The most important thing is for us to return, because this return is extremely important for each one of us around the world.
May every position, every role, look back and not continue with what was in the past.
We are serving. That is good.
We must live in the way planned by God, but He also gives us a set standard, because He wants us to turn toward spirituality.
What is most important is for us to belong to God, to serve God according to the Holy Spirit's teaching.
Let us use what is in this urgent time to be united, to be more zealous, more fervent, to sacrifice more, to be more focused on God, the Supreme Being who heals and intervenes – the one and only Supreme Lord.
We see the state of the world today – no matter what state-of-the-art science, we have no cure for this epidemic at this time.
The epidemic has raged all over the world, a biological weapon, named COVID-19, which started as an outbreak in late 2019 and early 2020.
In this situation, we do not know when the world can be back to days as before.
Surely that can still be far away, when that will be possible.
In this uncertainty, let us turn to the life of faith.
What is happening is also the holy will of God.
God wants to awaken the evil, stubborn, and wicked people, the rulers who err and follow idols.
God wants mankind to awaken, to no longer nurture dreams with ambition, with greed, with evil, usurping God's right.
He has seen His children all over the world, especially in countries like China that wants to eradicate religion – the citizens endure trial, suffering, persecution, and murder.
The authorities imprison priests and use innocent people for drug testing.
Although the citizens have the opportunity to know God, they are prevented for evil purposes by the authorities who reject God.
The authorities use their power to kill the sheep of God, to kill the innocents, who are victims and are sinners on their way back to God, returning to the truth.
Today let all of us look back.
Who is the Supreme Being whose history we know? As we read in today's Gospel, Jesus healed a man who was possessed by a demon from an early age, who lived a miserable life, whose father had to look for a healing for his son, from one place to another.
Who could heal? The holy Apostles, who were the representatives, were not able to, because they lacked faith and needed to perform many good deeds.
Jesus was the Healer.
In that case, Jesus explained to His disciples that if they wanted to heal, they must fast and pray.
There are many aspects in life – we cannot just follow God on the outside and perform according to our habits, with indifferent and uncaring hearts as we continue to live in hatred, in jealousy, in envy, still judging, rejecting, and refusing others.
So mankind was not able to heal and the miracle could not happen, because we are still imperfect and unrighteous.
Today God gives us the opportunity to know what is happening, to see the truth, to see what anyone can do with this epidemic, which has affected the entire world.
First of all, God wants the proud and arrogant leaders who commit evil to pay the price and bear the responsibility, for them to either stand up or writhe in defeat in this battle.
As for people like us, all over the world, let us recognize that God is calling and reminding us through the spiritual life.
God is giving us the opportunity to return in unity.
Let us not remain divided. Let us not follow our methods.
The epidemic will spare no one – whether talented, whether being a president – but if infected, he or she will face death and there is no cure for that death.
Let us be like the father in the Gospel and run to Jesus.
If that leader understands what is happening – that there is no cure at this moment – if he truly leaves everything, consents to return and pleads like the father in the Gospel, then Jesus is the merciful Supreme Being.
God wants us to believe and God wants us to truly repent.
God is the merciful Supreme Being who loves and forgives.
He has the power to change the world. He has the power to change the heart of mankind, if we truly return to God with all our heart.
This is what we most need to understand today.
If we continue to remain stubborn and hardened, we will be destroyed, because the wicked people will never last.
This is a reminder to all of us.
God lets us see that the wise actions with evil intentions of mankind will never succeed and will ultimately fail, and the devastating failure is the cause of all aspects to be at a complete standstill for the entire world.
This is what God wants all of us – every class, every nation, every position – to see.
Let us not think that our country will be able to use all kinds of techniques to prevent this epidemic.
No, this epidemic cannot be prevented as expected, because this is a reminder for the whole world, all nations.
Countries have been affected with the economy, as well as the influence on trade, in all aspects, even the military.
We must realize that God has taken action. We must be awake and pray. We must repent for His wrath to be appeased.
We still have Mother Mary.
Mother Mary has led us to the Supreme Being who remains with us – the Eucharistic Jesus.
Everything that is affirmed, spiritually and in a lively way, is manifested in the world by the voice, by the words that continue from the Gospel left to the world, by the messages that we are listening to (1). 
No one can do that by themselves.
Only God can give us the opportunity to be restored in this time, when we are in a state of “no way out,” when we are in a dire situation, when we enter a state of persecution between good and evil.
Today what we need to do is to look at our soul.
From the past till this day, we have nurtured everything that belongs to reality with the apparatus that caused us to be spiritually and physically confounded and intoxicated, to no longer understand the life of faith and the life of the soul.
God died for us.
The price of Blood has cleansed us, for us to have life.
Today that price of Blood gives us hope, leads us to the boundless Divine Mercy of God, helps us be reformed and perfect, to become improved people.
God grants us what we have – we cannot do it for ourselves – God has chosen and planned the program for us.
We have Mother Mary.
Mother is the person who represents the world.
Mother understands the weak condition of mankind. Mother understands the immeasurable love of God, the benevolence of God.
Mother gives us the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness in the ending, when we face the urgencies in an age with the events that have happened, that are happening, and will happen.
Today everything is like a guide for people to choose what they have.
Only faith will help us, because with faith, we fear less, we have less doubt and chaos in this age of epidemics.
Today, let us be in unity.
Let us not forget and ignore: we have the Supreme Being to call on and to beseech.
We still have the Supreme Being to whom Mother Mary leads us directly – the Eucharistic Jesus.
The Eucharistic Jesus is with us everyday at the altar through Mass, through His Body and Blood.
His word accompanies and helps us, but we have been indifferent through generations, indifferent through the years.
There may be only a few of us who listen, and so we continue to live according to the habits, according to the rules that have been passed down for thousands of years, for hundreds of years, for dozens of years in our life.
To this day, His word remains immovable – even if time passes, a comma, a period, in the Bible, will be realized.
This is the time for us to open our minds to return to the position God grants us.
God has died for us to have the right to live, but we need to live in His grace, live in obedience to Him, live a life of righteousness and justice, live a life of reformation.
We must know that if in righteousness then we are not afraid of any situation, no matter what happens to us – even if we die, we still have the promise to be with God.
Faith will give us strength and courage, will help us have a depth in the wisdom of His Spirit, and faith will help us understand what we need to do.
How can we help our brothers in this urgent time? We are fellow human beings – what more can we do? Let us pray.
Let us beseech God, because God accepts and God hears – God will have a way to intervene in the present matter.
With the epidemic all over the world today, how to pray for God to accept, for God to hear and intervene? We are frail and sinful human beings – we need to pray to receive the guidance from the Holy Spirit.
Mother Mary has used the easiest way. Mother Mary clearly knew Her children.
In all classes, all roles, we often despise and we let our habits become repetitive, but what makes us feel and what we must have, from both soul and body, is the compulsion for us to practice with depth, to have a lofty spirituality.
Mother Mary has practiced this way throughout her life – today Mother teaches us what She has done.
In the days living in the world, Mother never forgets the prayers, morning and evening, through the prostration.
Mother did not have any sins, so it was because of these points that Mother always had the protection of the Holy Spirit in Her life.
The Holy Spirit will be the Supreme Being ready to help us – He is God the Father's love united with Jesus to become the Lord who dwells in us.
When we receive and practice His Word we will be protected, and His Word will be fulfilled in our life, but we have forgotten and neglected this.
We are using our functions to follow what we read but fail to practice, so we do not experience and this has become a habit.
At times we go against the doctrine of God, against the word of God – then unfortunate and pitiful stories happen to all classes, all roles, and all functions.
Today Mother teaches us because time is running out.
Moreover, mankind has reached a level of severe corruption in the world of faith.
We have been confused with all matters of reality, we have focused on the life of reality more than the life of faith and the life of prayer.
Because of these points Mother teaches us what is the simplest as She herself appeared to teach the three cousins in Fatima, and the angel has also taught the three children, which is what must be practiced (2).
Has mankind truly practiced for over 100 years? We are still shallow and have not practiced.
Today the event happened for us to see that without practice of what was taught and with our disobedience, we face dangers.
We are facing death through the plague today, which is also a plague of both soul and body, and there are many problems to follow.
Today we see the panic with the COVID-19 epidemic that has left the world in a state of turmoil and insecurity.
We also have other incidents that happened such as debris falling from space and terrible earthquakes.
God wants us to see.
He is the mighty Supreme Being – He gives us life and everything peaceful, but we have grieved Him, we have offended Him.
When we act against God's way, we will see His power.
When God takes action, it must be terrifying.
We have read the story of Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt.
Before Moses led the people out of Egypt, what happened? In one of the plagues, the first-borns died, and in the end, the Pharaoh and his entire army perished in the sea.
In every age we learn from the stories of kings.
If we act against the doctrine, if we act in unrighteousness and disobedience, then we must endure and experience the plagues and sufferings as in this day.
When we offend God and act against God's ways, then we will have to bear the consequences that we cause.
However, God is the merciful and loving Supreme Being.
Beside us today we have Mother Mary.
Mother knew the world would face this situation. Mother knew the world would face the events from our decisions when we err and commit wrongdoings. Mother knew mankind had disobeyed and not listened to Her messages for over 100 years, so today the world faces this epidemic that is the beginning of the days of purification.
Today let us unite to bow our heads and lift up to God, to each Person, as Mother has taught us, a way that is neither too difficult nor too easy.
All of us only need a humble heart to learn.
From both body and soul let us pray in unity.
That prayer does not belong to us, but is the teaching of the Holy Spirit to help us lift up prayers and pleas to God in this urgent time.
Certainly, when the Holy Spirit teaches, then our prayers will be accepted by God.
When the Holy Spirit guides, we know what we need to do. When the Holy Spirit takes action, we will be protected by heaven.
This is the most beautiful gift that, before this event happened, we sought all means to give to the clergy, to travel all over the world to practice this gift in front of them.
However, we think the majority of people are still indifferent, still refuse, still do not believe, still do not practice.
We do not know what else we can do, we just know to lift up to God.
We are also sinners like everyone else.
We were neglected, suffered with days of misery.
God looked at us through His Divine Mercy and brought us back to become the people to testify to what He grants, to testify to His lively manifestation, to the wondrous deeds He has gloriously revealed to the world.
At the same time, the Eucharistic Jesus has granted this, in a privileged way, for everyone to receive, to hear, to practice, as the world faces gloomy days today.
Mother Mary has taught us how to thank God.
Mother Mary wants us to cherish and respect, to represent all those who still do not know, who still do not believe, through the in-depth prayer with the gift of The Six Kowtows.
What we receive is not from ourselves, but from the Holy Spirit.
We do not know by ourselves nor do we have any books, but we follow closely the Gospel, to evoke the liveliness that people have forgotten and that has become habitual in life.
Today there are many stories that happen so let us all pray for our brothers and sisters.
Now is the time to pray.
This is the moment we no longer have the opportunity to choose according to our will, and to worry about the entire future with what we have.
This is the time for us to look at the mourning of our brothers and sisters in Wuhan, China, and around the world.
This situation will soon come to us.
Today let us together return to God in humility. 
Let us eliminate all past and present evil habits, eliminate the daily ordinariness and mediocrity, our lack of respect and reverence.
Let us daily, weekly, perform beautiful acts and wonderful deeds as God taught us and gave us through faith.
The most important is for our heart to feel. The most important is for our soul to lift up to God through the moments of earnest prayer.
That is the expression of faith.
With the inspiration from the Holy Spirit's enlightenment, for us to separate from our sins, in the days of weakness, for us to choose what is charity, what is sacrifice, and what is to give away.
To help the spiritual life, we need to ​​live a life of witness, to pray for the world, to pray for all problems that are happening in the world.
We pray regarding the oncoming plagues: we pray for the lost, we pray for the wicked to stop, we pray for God to have mercy on them, but we need their cooperation, their repentance, for them to be forgiven.
In the world we have laws, let alone God.
God has the entire heaven. God has given us privileges, to prepare us for the eternal place.
He does not want to see us falling into the place of unquenchable fire.
We have seen in Wuhan, China, the crematoriums working 24/7, we have heard about the innumerable deaths, the screams, the cries, without any proper ceremony, bodies being cremated in the same way as animals.
God created mankind to be respected, because we were created in the image of God and we are the temples of God.
Unfortunately, we have destroyed that temple and we treat each other in all kinds of ways.
If without faith, how can we see the presence of God in our fellow human beings and brothers?
Today let us return to our source.
Let us return to Mother Mary – the being who represents the world of mankind.
Mother Mary has taught us what is most important and urgent.
As we see with the current situation, how is it possible for the priests to help all those who are ill, with their screams and cries? We understand what the Church has given us, but it is not possible, because there are too many people in the world.
So we have the methods, the privileges of the last days of the end, through the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary has offered.
This gift has helped each one of us pray deeply, with our soul and body.
Spiritual wonders have occurred.
There were people who have received these spiritual wonders through the voice of the Holy Spirit, and much more.
Sadly, mankind refuses to cooperate, to unite – still rejects, still closes the door according to habit, is not humble enough to recognize in good faith and to seek the truth.
Today we face the epidemic that Mother knew about six years ago.
Mother Mary has particularly planned and arranged favorably for China, a country where most people do not know God, yet the word "kowtow" belongs to China – the country where the epidemic started.
Today in the rest of the world, we pray for the return of mankind through a life of penance, repentance, prayer, with both soul and body.
Things do not happen naturally so let us unite.
All classes, all roles, all positions, all functions – let us unite, not only in the hours of service but for essential matters as well, to motivate everyone in a life of prayer, all over the world, to prepare for the days of purification in the world that is happening.
Our understanding of the current event is not spontaneous but from the Spirit of God who wants us to realize this.
It is the Spirit of God who prompts, with the words He wishes to send to the whole of humanity through Mother Mary with the gift of The Six Kowtows.
May all of us receive and meditate, because regarding what comes from the truth, God will grant something in spirituality, with the soul lifted to God when we practice.
Everything that we need to do and must do, we lift them up to God and to Mother.
What we know is that the word "kowtow" is related to the country where the epidemic started – China.
Moreover, all over the world, this is a sign of the starting days and the days that follow with the appalling purification that God has foretold for today's world.
We still have Mother Mary. In what we have foreseen, we still have Mother Mary.
Mother Mary continues to help us when the Eucharistic Jesus is still here, so we have the opportunity to receive the great and splendid deeds that God has for us.
The words that we say are not spontaneously from us, but it is the very presence of the Eucharistic Jesus that urges us, for us to continue with what He has given us and to everyone all over the world.
This is our duty and responsibility, to proclaim everything that is required, so that we may be united and return with a contrite and repentant heart, through the unity of prayer.
Moreover, through our Church officials, we will have an awakening as we are reminded that with a sudden plague, there will not be enough priests to anoint people.
Even if there are priests available, they cannot anoint everyone in need, because the number of the sick people is too high, and it will be even higher.
This is the urgency that Mother Mary prepares for us in the last hours, in the remaining hours to prepare for the day when each of us must face that justice.
Mother Mary, please help us.
I have done everything as Mother wishes.
I and the brothers and sisters in the group, for the past six years – we have traveled all over, we did everything we could, with everything we were able to contribute, but these are still days of waiting.
We lift up to God and to Mother everything we have done.
As for the other matters, Mother, please plan and arrange for us to receive in time.
Let it not be too late and too tardy.
We are looking at the tragedy and pain of our fellow human beings who are dying from the epidemic in Wuhan, China, the place where this terrible epidemic originated and spread all over the world.
God loves mankind and grants everything to us, but because of our obstinacy, our stubbornness, and our lack of humility, we have rejected countless gifts.
That was the same thing with the prophets and the messengers of old.
God sent Moses to help the Israelites, to let Pharaoh and the Egyptians know that God will save His people from Egypt.
But the Pharaoh refused to listen, so the plagues happened and finally the Pharaoh and his army perished at sea.
Today is the same.
God grants the lively messages through Mother Mary to help us embrace the gift of The Six Kowtows, which is reasonable and appropriate in today's contemporary age, but mankind still refuses according to habits.
What we do is right, so what is further granted is for us to know more, to be more inspired, to be close to God.
For us to fully prostrate and surrender to God, to return with a repentant heart: there is no demon that teaches us to do that.
Only God gives us the opportunity through Mother Mary, for us to be contrite and repentant, to help us with the urgency, with the epidemic all over the world, with the days of purification in this century.
In unity we thank, praise, glorify, and honor God, the benevolent Supreme Being, the Lord Almighty, the Everlasting God, the Supreme Being rich in Divine Mercy who gives us the opportunity today.
In unity we thank God.
a) We respectfully offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.
God the Father – I worship Father.
With everything the Holy Spirit has taught us to lift up to Father, our duty is to continue to pray for ourselves, for the areas where we are active, for our families, for the places we visit, for all places in the world, especially for those who are infected by the epidemic in Wuhan, China.
They are the people who knew too late, so this is the time when we pray for God to have mercy on them and to grant to them.
Whether they still have the opportunity or no longer have the opportunity, they are the victims, the innocents, the penitents on the path of repentance in the last hours of their life.
May God have mercy on them and grant them a place of light, with the love and the Divine Mercy that God has granted to mankind when they are in the last hours of their life.
Many events are happening to remind people when they still have the opportunity in their life to choose and return to God.
We thank God, praise God, glorify God, and honor God.
May the Holy Name of God be known and recognized in the entire world, in the prostration and the surrender.
May everyone listen to God and return to God.
May His love forever be upon His children as they repent, and may all those who are affected by the epidemic have hope.
For those who have gone over to the other side of the world, God is the benevolent and just Supreme Being.
May God destroy all the evil that the innocents and the victims are falling into, with the nations and the leaders who in the wicked ways of atheistic communism have oppressed and brought death and grievous injuries to innocent citizens all over the world.
The time has come for all evil to be annihilated.
Justice and righteousness will come to a world that God has arranged for all the children to receive.
These are the moments for us to see the battle between good and evil.
May everyone's eyes be opened.
May we return to our positions, repent and return to the Supreme Lord who has been with us for so long.
We have become habit, we have totally failed to recognize the important value, but today the epidemic has come – we cannot refuse this gift.
God the Father, please hear us.
Even though it might be late, we still plead persistently.
Only the Supreme Lord can change the situation. Only the Supreme Lord can intervene.
The Supreme Being who forgives is God alone.
He is the Supreme Being whom we trust, whom we worship, praise, and honor.
We apologize to the Supreme Being full of Divine Mercy, the Creator of heaven and earth, the just and righteous Supreme Being.
Please save us in the days of gloom and tension, the days of tragedy and pain, with the plague of both soul and body.
May God's holy will be done, for those who rely on Him, believe in Him, to live and to return in time.
Let it not be too late and too tardy.
b) We respectfully offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus.
Jesus our Savior died for our sins.
He came into this world with the purpose of saving us from sin and death, but mankind is still stubborn and hardened, still living in days of walking in sin, being with sin, nourishing sin.
Today, from our sins, we have borne the intense suffering of the plague of the body.
Moreover, the plague of the soul is everywhere – all over the world.
This is a wake-up call for mankind to realize that our Savior continues to shed Blood to cleanse mankind.
He does not want to return empty-handed so He seeks every means to save mankind.
May God's holy will be done, with what belongs to God to save us in this world.
If there were no events, if there were no such days for us to recognize the consequences of our sins, we would still be stubborn, hardheaded, hardened, and ignorant.
Our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the Supreme Being in whom we have absolute trust, the Supreme Being to whom we surrender and submit, the Supreme Being whom we praise and glorify, the Supreme Being whom we apologize to.
We surrender and submit to God, soul and body, to ask forgiveness for our sins.
Let us return to the doctrine that God has granted for us to become righteous.
All the teachings are like the light that illuminates the conscience of mankind.
Whoever walks in evil – then evil will rule over him and lead him into extreme death, suffering, and groaning.
As for those who walk in righteousness, they do not fear.
Even if death comes to them, they still live in hope through the Divine Mercy and the light that God has offered through the salvation to every sinner like us in this world.
May God have mercy on the people who do not know and those who still do not know, and the people who do not believe and those who still do not believe.
May they understand that this is the time for them to open their hearts.
May they accept in the last moments of their life, to call upon the Name of the Lord through each Person and receive the gift that Mother Mary offers.
We pray on their behalf as well as for the souls.
We pray for them so that they may return to the light of God and, in turn, they will also help those who are in their last moments.
May God have mercy and help them repent.
In that final hour, they will know who God is, they will know who Mr. Creator (3) is, and they will know the merciful Supreme Being.
May God have mercy on those who are infected and who live in those countries where they are suppressed, controlled, and have died unexpectedly.
They are the innocent victims.
God, please forgive their past, because they are people who did not know about God, so they lived in selfishness from the formation of their country.
May God have mercy on all those who are wicked people, who must repent. May God judge according to the law of justice.
As for the innocents, the victims, may God save them so that they may return with the boundless Divine Mercy that God grants to the victims, to the innocents, to the sinners who repent and return to God.
Regardless of anyone, all classes, all roles only need compassion, a repentant heart, a heart that still has a conscience – then that is hope and the light that God has given to those who recognize and return to Him through gentle Mother Mary.
Mother Mary has known and led us back to belong to God, to be with God.
God, please have mercy, intervene, and help them.
We thank God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being whom we trust and honor.
We thank God on behalf of the people who still do not know and believe, for them to have the opportunity to return to God while not being too late and too tardy.
c) We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the love, the light, the truth.
Perhaps the stories, the narrative, are not easy for people to believe and understand, but God, our Lord, gives us everything that is appropriate and suitable.
Mankind just needs to have a heart to truly meditate on what it has and what is happening – then the Holy Spirit will enlighten them.
God only wants to help them, save them.
God just wants to teach them the path to return.
God loves them despite their sins.
God is full of love and has given us the Holy Spirit, who is the love of God, the presence of Jesus, to help us on the path of reformation.
May God bring everyone together in unity.
May the fire of the Holy Spirit be once again kindled in each of our souls, especially in this century, for us to turn back to the only direction, in reformation.
In everything, may we become righteous people, return with faith for us to live in the way through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for us to not be selfish, to not be petty, to follow what we heard in today's First Reading: let us not use the wisdom of the world, use all means to quarrel, argue, refuse, and many things in life.
Mankind has lived and is living in greed, in ambition, in lust, with so many other problems in life, in all classes, in all roles.
May the Holy Spirit help us remove everything that we rely on – in wisdom, in pride – and live in a righteous, gentle, humble manner, for us to have the presence of God, His blessing, and His guidance, in serenity, in peace, in happiness, with the meaning that God gives to every person, every class, every role, every nation, and every person in the rank of leaders.
May the ranks of leaders live in righteousness, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, for them to help their home country, their homeland, their native land not to fall into a situation that today they must face with conscience and heart.
That is a struggle in the truth, which is needed in life.
The examples of the leaders and the righteous people will help many of their own citizens to know God, to recognize God, to live in the peace, the protection, and the shield of justice that God grants to those who belong to Him.
We worship God, praise God, and glorify God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever and ever. Amen.
d) We respectfully offer the Fourth Kowtow to the most precious Body and Blood of Christ.
O Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, You were present this morning and You also came to us through the Blessed Sacrament when we prostrated.
In unity we received the Holy Spirit's guidance for us to report in-depth about The Six Kowtows, the gift to save mankind in these most urgent times, and also to remind everyone to be prepared for the plagues all over the world.
These are the works that mankind cannot do by itself, because that vivid liveliness is the manifestation of the glory of God.
In unity, we represent all classes, all roles, to thank, praise, and glorify the benevolent Supreme Being who still silently supports us and helps our life of faith by our determination to return, and by the protection that God has given us in a special way.
Through the Blessed Sacrament, the Supreme Being has given us a great treasure and has granted to each person in the life of faith, in the life with belief, when we seek to come to Him.
Even in sick and ailing days, even in days of hardship and suffering in the midst of life, the Blessed Sacrament is like a place of rest, peace, and happiness, a place where God grants to those who always rely on Him.
His presence is very close, and in the days we come to Him, our life will be transformed.
Each day, we will see the meaning of peace and happiness, resting by His Heart.
God is the Supreme Being who loves us, the Supreme Being who stays with us, with a covenant to never leave us.
May we lift this up to tell the world today that, though many events happen, with the epidemic raging and threatening every class all over the world, we still have the Eucharistic Jesus, we have the Supreme Being who promises to stay with us until the end of the age.
Beside us is Mother Mary.
May everyone open their hearts to come to the Eucharistic Jesus to worship the Supreme Being who is still present, to call on the Name of God at this moment.
There is no other place for us to rely on apart from the Eucharistic Jesus, no other place for us to rely on apart from Mass.
God has granted us a covenant – to remain with us for ever and ever.
May each one of us come to Him, lift up to Him, ask Him to help us and save us in this moment, and save our brethren who are victims and innocents.
May sinners be saved, for them to repent and help us in life to profess God, believe in God, return to God, and encounter God through the Blessed Sacrament.
We only know to lift up to God through the narrative that the Holy Spirit allows, for us to carry out what God wants.
We testify in this world, to strengthen the life of faith for all classes, all roles.
The lively Supreme Being, the benevolent Supreme Being, is still waiting to help us and give us hope with the days of the ending, as we begin the days of the purification.
We worship God, praise God, and glorify God. We thank the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.
e) We respectfully offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus.
The Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ are clearly granted to each person, each sheep of God.
The presence of God is a testimony of love.
God has saved us from sin and death, and brought us from the darkness back to the light.
His glorious resurrection allowed us to live and exist till this day.
God gives us the right to choose the path in the days we are still alive so that we may choose the holy path, reject the evil path, follow the doctrine, become witnesses to the brothers and also to those who still do not know and still do not believe.
The Five Holy Signs are a testimony of the love with the Divine Mercy that God the Father, the First Holy Sign, has granted to humanity.
The Second Holy Sign, is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior in whom we believe for us to live and to have eternal life.
We believe for us to live with God's doctrine, for us to continue to exist, to be protected, and to live in the truth.
The Third Holy Sign – we cannot comprehend the great mystery that God has given us through the love of God the Father and the Lord Jesus united to become the Holy Spirit.
Thanks to the Holy Spirit we understand everything we have in a life of knowing God and being a child of God.
Thanks to the Holy Spirit we understand that our Church still exists.
Thanks to the Holy Spirit we know every role, every function, to carry out what God has chosen and granted us in this world.
God chooses and teaches the clergy, the shepherds the doctrine for them to belong to God.
God also teaches the laypeople to unite to belong to one Church, to be protected and safeguarded, to have the presence and the blessing of God, to receive the great sacraments that only our religion, Catholicism, has; only the Lord Jesus Christ bestows and grants us His Sacraments.
That is the Blessed Sacrament to nourish our soul and body, to remind us of His death, through the institution of the Sacrament, which has become a seal and a covenant through the price of His Blood, to remind us of the forgiveness of sins that God has granted to mankind.
The Fourth Holy Sign is the divine spirituality through the presence to help us clearly discern.
What is in the Five Holy Signs is precisely a book that testifies to the life of faith with the truth.
The Lord Jesus has done for us to delve deeply into the daily teaching of the Gospel, with a distinct evidence that no one can take away and no one can analyze according to the way of mankind.
All classes, all roles, turn toward the Five Holy Signs that are a testimony of love, which God has sealed in our soul through His Five Holy Signs.
By our side, who is the person who can accept this and who is the person who teaches us to understand what we need and have? Mother Mary Herself.
Mother Mary has accompanied God in His Passion.
Mother Mary is the person chosen to become the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of sinners, of every saint, of every victim.
All of us are Her children.
Mother knows the weaknesses that mankind cannot overcome, Mother understands the will of God to grant to us, and the will of God is still the person who protects us through the price of His Blood.
A great treasure remains in the midst of the world, but mankind does not know or does not yet know about it.
We also do not understand the value of the seal that God has imprinted in our soul through the Five Holy Signs, for us to be forgiven and saved, even in our last dying moments.
So this is the most suitable way for the whole world in today's epidemic.
There are many people about to die, with the last dying moments, with the separations, with the quarantines, with the cries, the screams, the wails.
They do not know that Mother has prepared a gift for them, to silently accept.
God will be Supreme Being who gives them peace when they must leave this world.
Moreover, Mother has given them hope when they are living in a standstill and are being quarantined.
In this world, even when we are not caught up in the epidemic, our soul has been plagued with the disease.
Mother Mary is the person who has known everything that God has granted to Her, so She teaches us and leads us in the ending, with the days of purification.
Everything has been granted to the world, but we remain indifferent and refuse.
Mother has appeared to Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, what did Mother teach for us to learn to return? Over the last hundred years, what the angel showed and taught to the three shepherd children – have we practiced yet and have we done yet? Today this is reminded after more than a century, for us to practice, soul and body, mind and heart, to deserve to receive the seal in the forgiveness that God has granted to us.
Thus, Mother reminds us to help us on our way back by this method of prayer, for us to receive the last seal that God has granted us in forgiveness.
Let us pray. Let us speak words of repentance. Let us be determined with heart to come to God with faith.
In everything, let us not fear the eyes of the world, not be afraid or shy – let us profess God among people.
This is the time for us to save our souls through Mother Mary's teaching.
The Holy Spirit wants us to offer the Fifth Holy Sign to Mother Mary.
Mother is the Fifth Holy Sign, to conclude the great plan that God has set forth and bestowed upon mankind.
That is a steadfastness with faith, for us to be determined in the last moments, in our repentance at the end of our life, each one of us, when we are about to die.
Moreover, the Cross teaches us on the path, when we lift up to Him, for us to meditate on the atrocious sufferings that God has endured on our behalf, and let us walk on the paths with illnesses and sufferings.
Everyone is walking on the path of challenge that each of us is facing.
Let us not despair, because God has chosen this path, which is the open path that leads us back to Him, and on that path we do not walk alone – we walk with Mother Mary.
Mother Mary teaches us what we need to do.
Let us understand and meditate on Mother's sufferings – then there is nothing we cannot overcome in this world, even in the epidemic.
Hope is there and all things have become the seal through the Five Holy Signs that we receive through Mother Mary's teaching with the Fifth Kowtow.
The Holy Spirit wants us to be reverent when we come to Jesus, with a contrite heart, because we were ignorant, we were disrespectful, and we did not show any reverence when we contemplated the Cross of the Lord.
Today, woe to the nations that dare to burn down the churches, to bring down the cross of the Lord, to modify the Lord's Ten Commandments, and to offend God.
Today the epidemic comes to the rebels and to the leaders who have usurped God's right.
All these things must have an answer that depends on us.
Today we represent those who did not know about the reverence, to lift up to God, to apologize for them.
The Holy Spirit wants us to do this to help the innocents and the victims who were infected and have passed away.
What we do today – we listen to Mother's teaching, for those souls to have a place of refuge that God grants to them through the Divine Mercy, with the light of love that He bestows on the innocents, on the victims, on the repentants, on those who call on the Name of God and hope in God in the last hours of their lives.
I thank Mother for teaching us what is like an open book that is guided and enlightened by the Holy Spirit.
No one can clearly, effortlessly, wholeheartedly comprehend, for us to know what belongs to us.
What is the situation of the world today? God is still the Supreme Lord, full of love for us, allowing Mother Mary, our beloved Mother, to lead us to God respectfully, to worship, to prepare ourselves for the future days, and for people everywhere, people who have not had the opportunity to know, to believe, to realize what has been granted to the world through the gift of The Six Kowtows.
How pitiful for the countries that are in a situation with the leaders who follow the wrong path, who are authoritarian, dictatorial, cruel, with an atheistic communist policy and with other policies that are against the doctrine that God has given to the world.
We rely on Mother to guide our brothers and sisters through this epidemic so that they may awaken, so that the leadership of each nation will allow its citizens the freedom to worship and return to God through the Divine Mercy.
Mother Mary offers this gift to the whole world, giving priority to Wuhan, China, in the coronavirus epidemic that is affecting the entire world.
I thank, praise, and glorify God through the Five Holy Signs. Amen.
f) We respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.
God the Father, I thank You for Your beginning and Your ending, and everything that You plan and grant to us.
Father, we thank, praise, honor, and lift up our heartfelt thanks to You for having given us and chosen for us our Mother.
Today what we do and know is from Mother.
She taught us to honor You, to come to each Person, to lift up, to say, and to offer.
Although we are weak and wretched, we believe in the love and in the infinite Divine Mercy that You grant, for us to have the opportunity today for the Holy Spirit to teach sinners like us to speak and lift up to You, the First Person, and to each Person.
Mother Mary, the Mother of Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of love.
I thank God the Father for allowing me to lift up earnest prayers to Mother, because words are not enough to express our gratitude and thanksgiving to Mother.
Mother has prayed silently, has accepted everything, has lived a life belonging to God.
Mother is the example for us in today's world.
With the miserable and tragic situation of the epidemic, with the days when we must enter the final purification, we are still indifferent and unconcerned.
Evil is spreading all over.
Daily, people live in rebellion and in opposition to the morality and the doctrine that God has commanded.
We are oblivious and apathetic regarding a much-needed life of faith.
We have lived in complete abandon, relying on the civilization, the ingenuity, and the sophistication of a radical age.
We live in the utter corruption of the age.
We only focus on the physical life of reality through our demands and we commit many offenses due to lust and greed with all issues.
With evil unfolding, today the epidemic is the proof and the answer to the evil that mankind chose.
Today Mother gives us the opportunity to prepare for the return, because apart from returning to God there is no other place for us to rely on.
We remain forever in a condition of iniquity, wretchedness, weakness.
How can we deserve to receive forgiveness and the Divine Mercy of God? At this moment, Mother teaches us and leads us in solidarity and unity to return with the greatest urgency to call on God's Name.
Mother Mary is the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of love, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of the clergy, the Mother of the world, the Mother of every sinner, every saint, every victim, every patient, every witness, every penitent, every soul in purgatory, every apostle all over the world, and every layperson.
Whether we know Mother or not, Mother is still the Mother of the entire world.
Together in the prostration, we thank and respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother in a spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude, and appreciation.
The title, the appellation of Mother will never be refuted for all the works that Mother has done and granted to us through every situation, every class, every position, every role, and every function.
Mother Mary understands all our weaknesses and sins.
At this moment we lift up thanksgiving to Mother for the gift Mother has granted to lead the world close to God.
This gift helps us repent in a vivid way, in the urgent moments when many problems occur.
Today the coronavirus has spread everywhere.
This event helps us to return to a humble life, helps us to awaken in the days of the purification that each one of us must face, with justice, righteousness, and fairness.
Mother Mary knows and sees the evil that spreads all over the world today.
Mankind has entered a life of civilization, has forgotten the reverence that was due.
Mankind has disobeyed the doctrine of God, one way or another, relying on the subtlety and sophistication of a civilized and free life.
Mankind lives only in reality and forgets what is needed with duty as Christians.
The children of God disregard all aspects so there have been sad and unfortunate stories that happened.
Today we see all sorts of stories still happening, stories contrary to the morality, contrary to the doctrine, with every family, every nation in a state of deadlock, following a trend of civilization with neither love nor compassion, entering division, and many more problems in life that make us stumble.
Mother, the Mother of love, the Mother of the Divine Mercy – Mother knows that if mankind continues in this state, then mankind will face events that have happened, are happening, and will happen, created to harm one another.
Mother has foreseen everything that will happen when mankind disobeys, rebels, rejects God's love and the Divine Mercy.
In freedom and civilization, mankind has allowed the control of machines and has let the life of nature, the life of the soul, the life of faith to be worn down and to no longer be lively.
We are indifferent and unconcerned.
Our hearts have become frozen and emotionless toward our fellow human beings.
We betray each other, use wicked ways to treat each other, use all kinds of ways to win, and end up living in opposition to the law of nature and religious principles.
All positions and all nations are treating one another – not with compassion, not with righteousness, not with justice, but with cunning plots and machinations.
Today it is men who have brought death to each other with the terrible and fearful epidemic that is a threat to human life all over the world, affecting the economy, commerce, the life of reality, and many things in the life of necessities.
This is a truly distinct and realistic story, not a vague one.
Mother has known about this and Mother has prepared for us.
Mother has prepared for China, even though the people reject God, do not know Mother, do not believe in what is in spirituality.
This is also to let the leaders see the power of God, and the love of God that still gives them the opportunity.
Mother is a gentle person who softly teaches us to surrender to God, to pray for the wicked and sinful opponents that we see.
Mother teaches us to pray, to prostrate on their behalf, to apologize, to pray for God to lessen His wrath with those who disobey, who rebel, who live in wickedness, who oppose God, usurp God's right, and kill innocent citizens, victims, innocents, sinners who repent and return.
Everything is in a crisis in the present time.
Mankind is free to seek, but must eventually accept the punishment they have inflicted on themselves, which has also affected the other countries all around the world.
Everything lies in despair – we are in a state of anguish and suffering.
Mother is the person who grants to us and helps us.
Let us pray.
Let us pray for the light to begin to shine.
Let us pray for righteous leaders to appear.
Let us pray for God to give the world hope, when we call on His Name and belong to Him.
That is correct.
All these things happen in the period in which Mother plans.
Mother prepared this gift before the time of President Donald Trump, and through prayer the righteous person has appeared – the President who talks about God, the current President Donald Trump of the United States.
Mother knows everything that will happen to the world.
If we continue to ignore prayers and follow our own ways, then we must answer to justice.
The love and the Divine Mercy of God support the righteous people in this world, so God will let the righteous people appear.
Although they have a sinful past, when they repent to become righteous, then God gives them the opportunity to become a good person, to bring righteousness to the whole world.
Today we see a shining example.
Sinners are forgiven by God when they become righteous and reformed.
We pray for God to forgive us, for us to return, to reject all past iniquities, to become a new person.
We need prayers for this to happen.
Mother has given us the gift at the right time.
This is the right opportunity to ask.
Hope has come to the world, hope has come to a country.
God has granted to the people who believe in Him, and to a country that was founded by His law and by His grace.
Today, from the plea in this land and in this country, God has been merciful and chosen for us.
The righteous person has appeared, bringing God's voice to the world, to remind that justice is needed, to restore and correct what is wrongful with the wickedness and deceit that the leaders are practicing in today's world.
This event is also a warning to awaken the people who are wicked, scheming, cunning – who use human wisdom to deceive in all matters.
Today righteousness is coming to the world.
Though injustice and evil are also using all means to win, in the end it will be defeated in the attempt to harm the righteous.
The righteous person is always protected by God.
Mother always intercedes to God for the righteous person.
That is the law from the beginning.
Mother Mary is a person who has loved the victims and repentant sinners.
Mother also loves the innocents who have died and have been oppressed for generations.
Mother Mary loves mankind and leads us back to God.
Even if only a few of us, we must return with a contrite and repentant heart and be united.
Let us pray. Let us practice what God wants and brings to the human world at this time.
It is a surprise to humanity, a surprise to all those with functions, a strange thing to the world by the practice with those fervent words.
Because of this, people feel reluctant to accept the gift and feel very different from all that is taught in the Gospel.
But God does not just give us the Gospel, which is the living Word in our daily life.
God is very rich – what He further grants us is the practice.
Mother Mary teaches us to practice, with the reverence needed, with our earnest prayers, with soul and body, mind and heart, and the crucial repentance for us to lift up to God, in the witnessing and acceptance through the Eucharistic Jesus.
All this is not something that mankind can do, but is a lofty spirituality through the Spirit of God who has taught mankind and helped mankind during the event.
Mother Mary has planned and counseled us.
Those profound, fervent prayers – soul and body – in the determination to prostrate, with a heart belonging to God.
Through His glory we find the key, in the words God has given through the Holy Spirit, for us to learn and understand what is neither too difficult nor too complicated.
Let this not become a daily routine in life when we pray vividly every day.
Let us practice with the body, with the mind and heart, with all the blood circulating in our body, with spiritual and physical ardor, with a repentant heart intertwined in a spirit of prayer.
These points – who can know, who can do? Our Mother taught us to do that, our Mother taught us, for us to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit.
Mother taught us to practice, to listen to the Holy Spirit when we are humble, for us to lift up and pray on behalf of others.
We pray with earnest words to God daily.
We thank God when we attend Mass.
We repeat the thanksgiving when people today have forgotten Him, have become a habit.
This gift reminds our human life of the righteousness that is needed when we lift up to each Person.
Everything is given to us.
God has granted, but we still do not know, still do not understand, still do not receive. But Mother is the intercessor who helps and prays for us.
Today the time has come.
We must practice to proclaim what is needed for us to unite and lift up to the Supreme Being.
When we pray with heart and soul, God will listen and intervene.
O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, I thank You.
All these things were foretold, but mankind simply follows the habit of an indifferent life without depth and with the habit of rules.
We do not pay attention to what will happen and is happening.
Mother knows and loves the people who still do not know, who still do not believe, who still do not have the opportunity to believe and to worship as they need to.
So, because of that, Mother has given us this wonderful gift, for us to represent our brothers.
Hopefully, at this time, there will be people who receive and listen when they face the epidemic, and if they are infected by the epidemic, their souls are still alive and they can speak to God and return to Him by heart and mind.
The body is broken yet still alive.
People who are quarantined – they rely on whom? In the days when they are locked in their houses, some play chess or watch the television, but with all the stress, some end up with headaches – their minds cannot remain calm, and they become depressed.
The crisis has caused tragic death stories.
Even before the epidemic happens to them, some people panic – they become depressed and died in that state.
If they know about this gift, if they accept this gift, they can use this gift to pray deeply, because neither the Church nor any priest is nearby with this quarantine.
This is the gift Mother has taught and granted to the world when urgent things happen and when unexpected events occur.
This is the method to be used first in today's epidemic.
Today the epidemic from China is spreading all over the world.
It will come to us tomorrow and in the days ahead.
This is the gift we must keep practicing when we no longer have the opportunity, when we no longer are healthy to come to church, when we no longer have the opportunity to receive the last sacraments, and when we no longer have the opportunity to see the priests in the last hours of our life.
This is a truly important gift all over the world, for us to call on the Name of God.
With faith, certainly, miracles will occur.
With faith, God will surely intervene, according to His holy will.
If we believe, we will receive; if we seek we will find; if we knock it will be opened to us.
Mother Mary is a truly wise person in the grace of the Holy Spirit.
Mother very gently and softly teaches us what we need to practice in our roles, because that is the most important thing in our inner life, for God to have mercy and for God to accept.
God listens to every person.
God knows the feeling of every human being.
The hair falling from our head He also knows.
There is nothing that He does not know.
Let us be bold to speak up, to believe and practice.
This gift will help the world in this epidemic.
There will be more terrible crises in this purification at the end of history.
Let us unite to thank Mother Mary.
Mother Mary, until this moment – six long years – with what is happening we should not be indifferent.
This is like a wake-up call and an impulse for everyone.
It is a necessity for the spiritual life in the urgent moments.
Let us not think that we can have everything and be calm enough at the end when we face the unexpected through disasters.
Today the gift helps us and leads us along the steps that Mother has given us.
It is also our duty, so, Mother, please help us to continue to practice, continue to pray with the gift – to apologize on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are facing the epidemic, and to do what we can for those who are in their dying moments: the victims, the innocents, and the sinners who repent in their last hours.
Mother, please help everyone to prepare and welcome this gift that is most necessary at this time.
This is what we have done and lifted up on behalf of the world.
Until this moment, though there has not been a satisfactory outcome, we are confident.
The truths are not known by ourselves – it is Mother who prepared for us six years ago, since (4) the righteous man had not taken charge with the responsibility of the presidency. 
Through every age, the righteous people will appear when we pray.
God will grant the righteous people to help us and guide us in their functions, in their positions, and their voices are for others to listen to and believe.
This is the most important thing – that we pray for our Church as well as for all the people at this time – to recognize the voice with the most ordinary teaching, to help us on the path 
of return to God, in a spirit of repentance, in the most urgent need.
We represent those who have died and those who are infected, as we prepare for the days of purification in the end of history.
Whoever believes will receive, whoever seeks will find, whoever knocks it will be opened to him.
We thank Mother.
The love of Mother does not teach us to oppose everything we face today, even with days of injustice, even with days of being oppressed, by others and by all the leaders and their unjust rulings.
Mother teaches us to pray, to return to God, to prostrate to God, to profess God.
Let us pray – God will take action with justice.
God will be the Supreme Being who saves those who belong to Him – the penitents, those who are alive who repent and return.
God will intervene for righteousness to come to the world.
If we continue to practice the gift and continue a life of witness, God will have a way to save those who belong to Him, through the profound prayer that Mother Mary is teaching and helping us on our way back to God.
Let us not be too late and too tardy while we see the epidemic spreading in the entire world, which is a reminder for us particularly today.
O Mother Mary, I thank You on behalf of all the brothers and sisters who have practiced the gift.
There are people who still have not accepted, still have not known, still have not practiced, and remain indifferent.
There are also doubts from those around us, those who hold functions.
We only know what we need to do.
Mother, let it be Your holy will for us to bring them more documents so that they can continue to help our spiritual life in times of urgency.
We do not know when this epidemic will end.
It will remain a threat to our spiritual life, to our present life.
Today we need to prepare, to help us to have hope in God and to belong to God.
This is the moment to invite mankind to repent and return.
O Mother Mary, I thank You.
Mother, please help us come to St.Joseph.
We pray for him to intercede with God for our Church, for the priests to have integrity and righteousness, to live a life of chastity like St. Joseph, who lived a life of obedience with duty and responsibility for the Holy Family.
May St. Joseph intercede with God for all families in the world to recognize through his example.
With his intercession no one returns empty-handed. 
And when we are in this situation, we ask the three archangels, together with all the archangels, the heavenly court, the guardian angels, to please help and intercede with God for us.
May the archangels dispel the snares and traps of the devil that we are falling into – the snares of indifference, with the ego, personality, suspicion, lust, greed, carnal desire.
Everything has led us to sin, to fall into a deep, stubborn, hardheaded, hardened state, to become unkind people, to not have compassion for each other, and to be indifferent with a life of faith.
May the three archangels together with the angels protect us.
May the guardian angels pray for us.
It is time for us to recognize our weak, sinful condition.
Our body cannot oppose and counteract the rational reality of the world, with the subtlety, ingenuity, and cleverness of a radical, civilized era.
We cannot understand the subtle lies so we have fallen into the snares.
All classes, all roles have fallen into this urgent situation.
Moreover, we are also living in a situation in which faith seems to have been lost and dimmed in life.
We only know to live in reality, to demand the rationales of reality, so there are many things we do not believe in and we also cannot understand that that is what makes us fall into the snare.
Today the truth has become clear.
Whether intellectual or knowledgeable or not, in all aspects, the leadership of those who choose the wrong way and go against the doctrine and the truth is ruthless and cruel, so innocent people like us will also fall into that situation.
Today I pray to the archangels for everything that those rulers have done wrong over the centuries to lead many souls into snares, to cause the innocent to die.
The righteous people are persecuted and slandered and are the innocents who have died because of those evil leaders.
I pray to the archangels.
It is time for us to ask for help from heaven, because in the Gospel Jesus said: Then there will be angels ascending and descending – many miracles will appear in the ending, in the days of purification.
So this is the time.
We do not speak without evidence – we have seen the angels and saints ascending and descending by the flames, by the rays of light, by things happening in the most serene moments, in the church as well as at home, and there are places where a multitude of angels and saints are present.
This is the evidence for us to pray with faith and belief through the gift of The Six Kowtows.
At this moment I ask the saints to help us.
May everyone believe and join us in praying with this gift.
It is through this gift that we meditate deeply and we understand that this is a key given by Mother Mary, for us to see the close spirituality and the help of the angels, the archangels, as well as the prayers that God accepts by granting us heaven's help.
We also rejoice because we have the examples of the saints, with their intercession.
They understand the life of following God.
Those who want to belong to God must go through hardships, trials, and ordeals, but in the end, the saints have triumphed and they have given us shining examples to help us.
Despite difficulties, despite countless challenges, they were steadfast in faith, they lived in faith, and they proved to everyone through their witness that, even facing death, they would not back down.
This is a great example for the human world.
Since the saints have done so, today our human world should not be afraid – we will definitely be able to do it – thanks to the grace of God, thanks to the prayers of the saints, thanks to their examples.
Thanks to the protection and support of the archangels along with the angels, the saints, the guardian angels. We will become the witnesses of the final age.
It is Mother Mary who chose to give us and grant us the opportunity to testify with the gift of The Six Kowtows so that everyone can be united in the return to God.
The door to heaven has opened when the penitents repent in accordance with the method and the profound prayer that Mother Mary has taught through the gift of The Six Kowtows.
That is the last key of history to help all of God's children around the world.
Through the counsel of Mother Mary, through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, through the help of the heavenly court, we will definitely be saved in the event that is happening today and in the many more events to come.
This is the beginning, with the epidemic.
In the days to come there will be many frightening and terrible events.
It is time for everyone to submit, surrender, and return to God by professing, adoring, and glorifying God, in order to deserve to return to a place that God has prepared, for those who are forgiven, those who repent – to be immersed in the vast ocean through the Divine Mercy of God.
God loves mankind but God is just to each one of us.
Let us listen, for us to come back in time.
The gift of The Six Kowtows will help us take a shortcut.
This gift is to profess God. This gift helps us recognize our weak and sinful condition, for us to be humble, to be willing to seek the truth, especially for those with functions. This gift will help us in the events and epidemics all over the world.
May each of us pray collectively for this gift of The Six Kowtows to be accepted by the Church, to be proclaimed throughout the world, for all people to practice to ask God to save us.
God, please intervene in this urgent time, in the present COVID-19 epidemic and the terrible epidemics everywhere.
We pray for each of our souls, who are about to die and who will die in the coming days of the end.
We conclude what God has specially reserved through the gift of The Six Kowtows.
May all of us who are called to witness to the Six Kowtows continue to be be zealous, continue to practice, continue to entrust.
Let us offer the Rosary of The Six Kowtows daily, to pray for our Church, to pray for sinners to repent, to pray for all situations in the world, and especially to pray for each one of us.
Today, with reverence and love, we pray on behalf of those who are infected with the epidemic.
They no longer have the opportunity to know God, to profess God, to receive a wondrous gift to help their souls.
Nonetheless, with our prayers, God will have mercy on those who depart, God will have mercy on the innocents, God will have mercy on the victims, and God will have mercy on the repentant.
In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, we thank, praise and glorify God, the Supreme Being who loves and gives us all circumstances, so that we – through Mother Mary's teaching – will return by our heart, by our soul, with the willingness, with the respect we need.
For a long time we have been disrespectful.
We have not practiced in the way that is needed with our God – to glorify, thank, honor, worship, adore, and apologize to God, the loving and merciful Almighty.
May we respond in our weak, sinful, and wretched condition.
God, please have mercy and forgive us.
Through Your grace may we be sanctified, transformed, improved, and perfected, for us to prepare ourselves in this present life and in the days we face the epidemic, from soul to body.
Lucia, Maria Nhung, and Paul Hoa conclude at 1:38 p.m. on Monday, February, 24, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
In front of the sanctuary, together we proclaim and conclude The Six Kowtows.
I thank God, praise God, and glorify God.
It is 1:38 p.m. – there is no one left in the church.
We remained until this moment to respectfully lift up to God the most earnest words after attending Mass.
Amen. Amen. Amen.
(1) These messages – the messenger has the unique gift of being able to vocalize all the locutions instantaneously.
(2) He taught them to prostrate in a kowtow position; this they did, but no one else did.
(3) “Mr. Creator” is a term the Chinese use to refer to the one who created everything; many are atheists of course. The Six Kowtows, the primary revelation through Lucia Phan, are directly related to China; the word “kowtow” originates there, and the coronavirus was created by men there: China and the world must come back to God through The Six Kowtows. 

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.


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